As we commemorate Martin Luther King Jr for his contribution to the fight against inequality and racial discrimination, many of us can be thankful to say that through his involvement we are reaching new heights today.

In all aspects of the African American plight from the days of slavery to now viral videos of brutality against a fellow man/ woman of color, sometimes it just seems as if we’re living a nightmare.

We are desensitized to the violence, we laugh at the misfortune and downfalls of others in hopes that the sound of our voices will lift us up.

Watching the news daily or just reading media geared to sway our emotions, it seems as if we’re going backwards instead of forward.

From the crab in the barrel mindset to the white nationalist’s ideology.

Fast forward to a day where we are to remember a man who spoke freely and acted in breaking barriers with nonviolence adopted by the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi. Where did the dream go, has it been deferred?


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