The #metoo movement has expanded beyond what we’ve imagined. Tarana Burke, the activist who shed light on such a simple yet powerful phrase has given women and men opportunities to de-rug past traumas .

Finally, a victory for the truth being set free! A victory for the unheard voices!

In the same token, how dangerous is it to utilize this hash tag to capitalize off of false accusations?

What was essentially meant for good has turned for profit for many. 15 minutes of fame is being divided and square rooted to nano seconds of false information and no proper concrete evidence is provided or investigated. If that, headlines are spawning and destroying names, brands, and the lives of parties involved.

So what happens to the false accuser when all things are said and done? Truthfully, nothing.

And it’s sad. Imagine your family getting verbally assaulted by unknown people from different walks of life, telling you you deserve to die, pay for what you did and truthfully you haven’t done a thing. Is this considered the new age of adult bullying?

Words are currency once spent, can’t be returned.

With respect to the #metoo movement, true victims are now paying with silence again as it is viewed they may be crying wolf.

There is a thin line between flirting and sexual harassment. It all depends on the compass of feelings involved. But who is the determinant of those feelings when things don’t turn out in the favor of one of the parties involved? Is it truly harassment, sexual assault, rape or hurt feelings?

So what is consent truthfully?

By definition it is permission to do something or agreement to do something.

It’s fluid meaning just shows that anything can change whether premeditated or without hesitation giving an unlimited power at the flick of one’s tongue.

By no means am I saying or justifying the events that some have truthfully endured. They are worth being looked into and seeking out full justice. They deserve to be heard.

False accusers must be held accountable for not only their actions but their words which mold this experience no person wishes to go through. It is careless and thoughtless, too many walk away freely unscathed.

As we see the headlines with now Chris Brown being accused of rape which was confirmed to be a false accusation. Yet he is being held within the confines of the country he’s in just to perform a thorough investigation. I believe a lawsuit for defamation of character should follow.

False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil- Socrates.

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