Day 35 of the 800,000 workers who are now without a second paycheck. The pure insanity of a whole month without monies needed to maintain your household. (This government needs to get it together, these are people we appointed and gave our votes to)

Brings me to speak about another issue:

Does the company you work for view you as a liability or an asset? Are you appreciated? Are you valued?

Many of us are comfortable making steady money because steady money is better than no money at all. Many of us are afraid to venture out because we may feel guilty due to the season of high demand and the lack of provision made available. A lot of us may have kids and may think we’ve earned this schedule we have and it accommodates everything you have lined up according the kids being in school, after school activities, summer camp, planned out summer trips (I can see you going through your phone calendar, aren’t you organized?!) but with all that said are you valued?

If this company were to go under right now, would your job be secure?

The job market is what it is, a market. It’s a constant sell of goods, benefits, PTO, Honored holidays, Vacation time, 401k matched to a percentage or fully matched…beautifully painted.

So again I ask, are you valued?

Lay out the pros and cons of the current job you’re working at; be realistic and remove all the relationships you’ve formed with the people in your work culture.

We all know we love the relationships we form with people at a job more than the job. But will these relationships pay the bills?

Things to consider:

  • Have you been thinking about taking a class or a course just to bring a greater attraction to your resumè?
  • Have you also been thinking about going back to school with the extra time you may have?
  • Have you been thinking about switching career paths?
  • Have you saved a little money to go towards a personal endeavor? How about taking a bit of that sum of money to have your resumè reviewed?
  • Has the work culture propelled you to look for something different?
  • Are you in a position where you’ve requested HR and other superiors to review things and there hasn’t been any feedback?
  • Have you noticed a shift in your ambitions to arrive to work everyday?
  • Had the business become more personal than professional?
  • Does the company celebrate the transitions of others personnel or is that only reserved for retirement?

Not confident that a change can be made? Go to free seminars in the community and or offered by other organizations geared towards the changes you want.

Network your skill set and your gifts.

My homegirl stated something super awesome in our group chat this morning:

“Value yourself first and foremost, because these companies will not value you. They will put themselves first. So you have to put yourself first in everything that you do; for yourself and your family”.

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