Valentine’s Day has passed and many have and have received the expected gifts, chocolates, something to soften the heart and feel “loved”. This holiday is the most economically pushed franchise for women next to Mother’s Day. Many are going into the start of the holiday season single and some of us are not, so what is to be expected if the reservations for two has become more than your pockets could bargain for?

Are you deemed cheap? Should you break bank? And if you do break bank what are your expectations to follow if really and truly you don’t have the financial means to cover the night on the town you just basically pulled off by the skin of your teeth…is it a date or a transaction?

Now many think that dating is synonymous with sexual exchanges and to be honest it is not.

Dating is a process of interaction where two parties decide through this form of courtship whether they are compatible with each other and suitable mates for each other.

Dating is not a sexual relationship.

People deem it to be this way because of what has been propelled by society. The capitalist agenda is forever motivating the everyday American’s spending habits in the dating realm as well.

Even married couples are falling into these spending habits. And some are more so engaged to this mindset that if money is not spent the love is not present. Some people have so many expectations when the Holidays come up with their spouse not factoring in the finances, the life crises, and certain things that would not allow for the most extravagant of feeling validated or appreciated.

For the month of February my financial goal for the holiday of Valentine’s Day and for our anniversary with my fiancé was to be more economically savvy and creative. So instead of going all out on both days painting the town red, We opted out for something more simple. I created a sip and paint with my fiancé and cooked a meal that we both enjoyed from going to the supermarket and actually picking up these items together. Then on our anniversary we set up our own personal backdrop photo shoot followed by dancing and again a lovely dinner. Both only cost us approximately $83.00.

Let’s be realistic about our pockets and be more creative with our sentiment.

Things to think about (single or not):

  • What exactly is a date?
  • What are your expectations of a date?
  • Do you find yourself spending more than you have to, to impress this person that you are with?
  • Are the holidays synonymous to your reasons for validation?
  • If financial hardship is discussed, do you still look for the person to make magic happen in your eyes or are you understanding and looking for more creative side?
  • Do you create a spending plan for special occasions?
  • Do you think spending money on your spouse or significant other automatically reserves you the right to have sex with them?

What we expect and what we receive will only ensure our true motives. Whether through love, like, and or lust.

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