Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening whoever may be reading this…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted content and to be honest so much has transpired since the start of the pandemic to now. It’s been a period of growing pains and being uncomfortable with the daily constructs of life itself. Breaking the habit of being in motion of a five day work week with no rest to more priority on one’s mental and physical well-being. This growth period has been rewarding also; I’ve been able to apply extra time into going back to school and focusing on my wants and desires for the future. I’ve also broken off my long distance relationship, it was for the best I believe. I grew into my solitude and getting to know what really was practical for my peace. Peace cannot be found in someone else if you cannot find it in the pockets of joy with yourself. I came to that realization when I began therapy and mending the broken fences from my past to my present. The healing was necessary. My finances have gotten better, I’ve learned how one’s relationship to money can influence how you react in regards to spending unnecessarily or frivolously. I’ve been able to reel that mindset in and appropriately put my finances to key things.

I felt the urge to write today because time presented itself.

I’ll post again we’ll see, but for now take care of yourself. Prioritize you by all means

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