It’s no shocker, we have changed within the last 10 to 15 years. From our bodies to our thought process. Some of us used to have this mentality that female friends were drama filled and came with excess emotional baggage. I used to be one of these women who just had a grand slew of male counterparts who I could use as a soundboard for emotions and late night pillow talk with just a hint of female influence (imagine saltbae sprinkling salt). It was easier in my 20’s just to have it that way but I soon realized these platonic friendships couldn’t supplement having females friends forever. Endless fun and jokes but soon adulthood reared its ugly head. As I came into my mid 20’s, it was as if a switch came on and all my feelings became more estrogen filled. Seeing men play with there children, crying at weddings, getting emotional at great losses in life, and getting emotional at the sight of people reuniting touched my heart…I finally had shed my thug tears.

Now in my 30’s, as a woman the value of genuine female friendship is crucial. The female perspective is undervalued because it is tainted at times to be strictly irrational, emotionally draining, and at times toxic. But I can say from my personal experience, the men who became my brothers shed light on what is valued character of good women and meaningful friendships. After getting past the trial and error of friendships with the many females, I have my set crew for life’s journey. All equally smart, beautiful, courageous, loyal, realist, the iron that sharpens, my 99′ to the 2000, keeping that same energy of the New York hustler spirit and quick wit.

But maybe it’s because my tribe of friends weren’t manifesting at the times needed.

If you watch how today’s friendships between women form, some are the epitome of empty and one sided. Never challenging or changing a view, showing no form of independence from each other. We learn each day some women just capitalize off of acquaintances disguised as long winded friendships.

I encourage all woman to look at their circle of women who are in their lives. Take a step back from the fun and really look at who is who in the midst of silence.

“My girlfriends there through thick and thick and thin, my girlfriends there through anything, my girlfriends” -Angie Stone❤️

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