Every season of your life won’t be a winning season. Just as Spring is the time of renewal, fresh perspective, and declutter physically and in all aspects of wellness; our thought process, our interactions must also follow suit. In today’s culture, it is easy to cultivate jealousy, envy, and downplay the next woman’s success or promotion in life’s journey. We show this indirectly in our responses, indirectly and directly from gestures to verbal jabs.

If you find yourself over analyzing, reading into a situation and your heart strings are being pulled at the sight of someone being elevated in their season; are you genuinely happy for this person? Truthfully speaking.

Sometimes you don’t know Adam from Eve and you may find yourself envisioning and fantasizing. It just may be that you have a mild to severe case of ‘why isn’t this me?’ syndrome.

We women are very competitive believe it or not, and ever so often that competitive nature comes out in many facets of our lives. But one things is for sure we can’t compete with life as it is unpredictable.

In my teenage years, as many others my age were dating and becoming established I struggled with the why not me syndrome. Why was this girl getting a chance and not me? Why was this person getting selected and not me? And forget about what television was projecting at that time; It was always a popularity contest.

Self esteem and morale plays a major role in the emotional palate of many women. We have this small tinge of entitlement when life hands us an unfair hand. Maybe this is a conversation our parents should have had with us more often letting us know we are enough. (This is a future footnote for most of us when we have children)

This mindset also leaked into my 20’s as well, and it wasn’t until I took a sex and sexuality class where I realized that everything is not meant to be on my watch and my time. The things we may plan for may or may not succeed in the time we desire. In this class we were challenged to look at all aspects of wellness. This was a time for self discovery and learning how to be nurturing to friendships and relationships outside of self.

In this season you may experience a lot of no’s, doors slammed in the face, and even yes’; these moments are character builders.


One of the most disheartening things I see is when women actively cocoon others in negative thoughts and or projected feelings. They can’t even say congratulations, without including themselves to be recognized. Why dim someone else’s shine?

Your time is coming, relax.

It does not hurt to elevate others!

I learned that while celebrating other women, you grow in compassion and happiness. The funny thing is people search for happiness and it is something we must choose to do and actively participate in. It’s a selfless act that doesn’t require a lot, just a choice.

So next time you see that friend, family member, colleague, and woman outside of your circle pursuing, establishing, and making moves for better. Show them some love.

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