Happy Friday all,

It’s been a long week for many of us.

That adjustment to the hour forward has hit me in ways that I didn’t know a 30 year old body could feel. Work has truly been a different beast this week! But I have not forgotten to breathe, stretch, shake, let go and let God!

Again since it’s still Women’s History Month, this is geared towards the women this time around but men you are more than welcome to read on.

Self care is probably the most preached yet ignored on the daily bouts of life.

When life transitions hit faster than your paycheck or income tax return it’s really hard for one to really relax.

From kids, ailing parents and or close family members, bills, it seems as if catching a break is the last thing on our minds. But nothing is worse when it becomes you in that hot seat and your body is forced to recoup (the most uncomfortable and unpleasant feeling; you feel helpless)

Late January into Early February one of my dearest friends experienced that. Not only was it scary but it was a reality check. Not everything is meant to be controlled or handled by your strength alone. But when you’re the fixer it’s hard for people to see you not active in that role.

So I learned some things during this time:

  • Be vocal about being overwhelmed.
  • Pray and be honest; God sees through it all.
  • Plan a weekend activity to de-stress yourself.
  • Find an hour of solitude in your day.
  • Catch up on some sleep (Lord we need that hour back)
  • If someone offers help to step in, allow them too in the capacity that they can.
  • Make sure to check in with friends that will encourage you.
  • Speak to your spouse or significant other about plans you usually execute alone. Let them be a sound board to bounce back feedback transparently.
  • Organize your space ; declutter (Marie Kondo your life; Spark Joy )
  • As a person who enjoys writing, write your thought process.
  • Drink a glass of wine or make a meal you’d enjoy.
  • If you’re more high energy, dance.

New York is a concrete jungle and when consistently hitting that pavement we beat ourselves into this mindset that we have to constantly hustle.

Hustle is good yes, but even a hustler needs rest.

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