Dearest single friend,

I want you to look at your life; no really look at your life. I want you to enjoy this time and I stress this because, certain opportunities will never be presented a second time. And by these opportunities I mean, traveling solo, making your mark, being the life of the party, enjoying your family and friends, just overall enjoying who you are and where you are.

Now some people you know may harass you about your biological clock, the fulfillment a relationship brings, or even looking at prospective suitors that may not necessarily meet you where you are right now. But honestly this is the best time to take advantage of the growth process for yourself and for who you wish to become. I only say this because, I once was in your shoes.

When you transition from a relationship to being single or from serial monogamy to being single…it’s like breathing in water. It’s uncharted territory, it’s scary because your comfort has alway been in a person other than yourself. Truthfully speaking you feel naked and the first thing you look for is familiarity. I advise that you become familiar with your fears, your emotional palate, your bouts of anger, your doubts, and your insecurities. You’ll never realize how much you are harboring in your day to day that effect your relationships with people.

Sometimes you feel obligated to fulfill voids inside yourself. It feels like the world is looking on expecting you to make a move but in retrospect it may be just you desiring to find that comfort zone; safety net.

Being single in 2019, you are met with a lot of opposition and a lot of pushback of genuine relationships and interactions. It seems as if everyone puts on their representative 24/7, 365 days of the year. The social connection is so tainted by technology and by lack of communication skills that microwavable gratification is the thing to do now.

If you notice, sometimes you can’t even recall a good sit down dinner where you can remember the notes of food that were just satisfying. Be in the moment; be present in all aspects of wellness. Society propels is never to be content in the things we strive for, but in return at times there is a cost that hurts us most; time lost.

Travel. Consume new and fresh perspectives and experiences. And learn to love yourself daily.

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