Now that Spring has sprung, (March 21st) minus the lack of tax refunds we’re all spending differently and our income has either taken a shift for the better or the worst. Now many of us have friends that seem to be traveling all year round or are having lavish luxuries meals each day. One may ask them selves how is this even remotely possible, another question someone may ask, is where is this person getting this money?

Just note that the options of saving a picture or a video exist first and foremost.

And if you know the person on a personal level, what they do shouldn’t cause you to be jarred but should intrigue you on how to be a better consumer of experiences.

Now I’m not broke broke, I pay my bills, I constantly look at my debt, I try to minimize on my spending, I even attempt to wake up early for work just for commuting. I’ve also planned ahead in terms of outings: I would research restaurants, see who will be in attendance, even decline the invitation if I see that the party of people is larger than 20. I have also dedicated certain time frames to actually going out: and this is based upon the level of closeness with that person or people, if this person is timely, and I know that this would be a guaranteed fun outing.

But it seems as if this is not enough. I want to travel more, I actually want to have new experiences, but as an adult: it all cost money!

I am a Christian and do not practice lent, however the concept is much related to fasting.

So since March 6th, I’ve committed to #nospendlent. This is supposed to last until April 20 (five days after my birthday). Now for many, they may think that this will be a drastic process of not spending money at all within the next 40 days, but to cater to my financial situation, I will not spend over $100 per week and whatever money is unspent will going to savings. This means I actually buy groceries that caters to breakfast, lunch, and dinner taking time to make meals and meal prep.

I’ve even narrowed my shopping habits I.e : Target has a online pick up in store register. So instead of going to a store to walk around aimlessly for a few products to end up with $70.00 or more of items, I now order online and pick up in store to avoid wasting time and money.

Now Target, TJ Maxx , and Marshall’s are my form of kryptonite. If you ever have time after work to stroll through Target or any of your favorite stores on the weekends you’ll notice you’ll begin to buy things that you actually will never use or never need and these little items add up. As lazy as I can get in terms of returning items that I have no need or use for, they will go past the 30 day return policy in a drawer collecting dust.

This is where the term broquè comes in. When you spend on things that serve no purpose and are far from enjoyment.

Have you ever bought breakfast and the person that prepared it, messed it up I.e: something was burnt, you had to repeat your order, you thought you could make an additional 15 minutes stop to get breakfast but it ends up being 25 minutes. And then you try to push past that and decide to purchase lunch; the same exact thing happens again. Now instead of wasting $15, that $15 you’ve wasted now turns into $25-$30 in a course of a day. How quickly this adds up you can spend at least $125-$150 that one week alone.

So here are some tips to actually get to those experiences that you wish to have:

  1. Try to avoid aimless shopping. Check on what you have at the home and then create a list prior to shopping to minimize spending.
  2. See it there is an option for online shopping and pick up in store at the stores you frequently shop.
  3. Stock up in bulk your necessities again to avoid aimless shopping.
  4. If you’re avid coffee or tea drinker, bring your tea packets to work and buy or bring a mug designated for work. Try to prep coffee at home and invest in an double insulated mug for work.
  5. Grocery shop for breakfast items that can cut the deli stop which can cause you to be late.
  6. Accountability and support from friends.
  7. Instead of constant nights out, invest with friends collectively on an outing.
  8. Have a Rainy day or Travel fund jar or account that you can push the coins you’ve saved up into.
  9. Apps such as: Digit, Qapital, Simple, Clarity Money to assist in distributing your money out of your sight.
  1. Ask the people you do see traveling if they are in travel groups. Group traveling is usually cheaper traveling. Get your tribe to join or if you’re the adventurous type, travel solo with different people of different backgrounds.

Yes you only have one life, but don’t go broke, broke doing life either!

Here’s a challenge you can try for the month of April

Happy Savings 💰

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