As I would’ve hoped to write more, work clearly held me in its vice grip. I’m going to have to be more instrumental with my time management. I will also extend into the topics which were shared with me.

I would like us to focus on mentally unpacking. Now as loaded as these two words are, these are the things we avoid in hopes that we will eventually forget it. Things have a funny way of resurfacing if not dealt with accordingly. Whether it be in our jobs, our relationships with friends, our spiritual beliefs, our marriages, or even our family ties. It is time to let go of what has served or no longer serves its purpose. Even the things that have damaged us, have controlled our experiences, and expectations for ourselves. Mentally unpack the excess baggage to free yourself and renew and reshape your thought process.

I say this all because before we enter adulthood, we think we’ll have it all figured out. Truthfully, it is the foundation that we are given that will allow for things to be in order. Parents don’t realize how crucial their lifestyles, words, actions, and reactions heavily effect our future endeavors. So much so we can potentially repeat their cycle of experiences because of the unaddressed pink elephant in the room.

Some of us will even avoid these cycles by avoiding people, places, and things; giving power to a experience never fulfilled.

As I was conversing with a friend on the phone at 3:00am my time (they live on the West Coast) I could feel there was an immense amount of heaviness as they spoke. It was a familiar feeling and as the conversation continued I expressed that they need to seek counsel from a professional and that I would invest on their first visit if they were ready to take that needed step.

As quick as others may try to give advice or speak on how you feel, what I notice is that they will never offer a hand or even be that person to hold you accountable. No one wants the responsibility but everyone has something to say.

Addressing the pink elephant in the room is needed when mentally unpacking. That elephant can be anything and everything at the same time. It can be your vice to your deity.

So my question is when will you get your life back? When you have acute to severe depression or a mental breakdown?

I’m reclaiming my time! I suggest you do the same!

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