So recently I was granted a promotion (Yay more money!). We know with a promotion comes more responsibility to hold others accountable in terms the workload and the culture of the work place.

But let’s highlight how great it feels to get a promotion and being recognized for your work ethic. Damn, it feels good! Let us also recognize, more money means execution of goals that can be targeted this year. Even before a promotion, continue to have a savings plan in place, have a side hustle in mind, and explore the avenues to make your ends meet.

For those who are up for their bi-annual review as we approach June, keep some things in mind:

  • If you’ve been late, clean up that record as at times something as simple as a few minutes can count against you in terms of new money.
  • If you’re recently received a degree, a certification, or anything that can boost you as an asset. Present this upon your annual review.
  • If you’re the type who doesn’t partake in company functions and don’t like to bump shoulders because your about your money. A half hour at a company function never hurt: network!
  • If you’re not into team building functions, start to recommend things that are of interest as a group census. Show that twinkle of leadership.
  • If you’re running out as soon as your time expires, I recommend staying back once a month on one of the busy days to see if you can gain insight and provide assistance.

But let us be clear, there’s a thin line between race and responsibility. Especially, in the work place.

I’m all for seeing my people succeed. I want to see us in all high positions of power. Remember as we begin to level up, there is a level of respect that has to be there when, as a fellow person of color, has to give account for you, give directives to you, and even vouch for you at the expense of their name as a fellow person of color. So please be considerate! Cues Tyra Banks, “I was rooting for you” speech.

Don’t get it twisted my carbon copy(Cc:) and my blind carbon copy (Bcc:) game is strong when need be.

I must secure the bag and let the check clear!

Demotions are a literal slap in the face when you work hard! The worst thing you’d want to deal with as a employee or a colleague, is an emotional former authoritative power whom has become an employee again. The ones who especially stick out their neck for those who have repeatedly offended others in ways such as: abused privilege in vacation days, paid sick leave, scheduled days to work, not carrying their work load, fraternization outside of the workspace which effects productivity in an office …the whole nine.

The resentment people may carry can stop your money if you don’t approach things correctly from the beginning.

Keep an eye out for those who aren’t happy for you too.

Just a head’s up.

We’re approaching the half a year mark shortly, what money matters topics should we cover?

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